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About us

Nordic Direct Finance Ltd. is a European-based Financial Services consultancy offering a wide array of services primarily in the banking and microfinance sector. Since its inception in 2005 NDF has been helping MFIs in Africa, Asia and Europe, strengthen their businesses and expand their reach to ensure that those at the bottom of the economic pyramid have a chance to integrate into the world’s financial markets. Access to financial services let’s millions of people turn their dreams into realities. Instead of just dreaming of sending a kid to school, opening a small business or trading kerosene for solar power, NDF and its MFI partners send kids to school, open businesses and get solar power. MFIs turn dreams into realities and NDF makes sure it all goes smoothly.


Ilan Wolkov, Owner and Director
Ilan was born in Copenhagen, Denmark but has lived and worked all over the globe. He holds a BA in Business Administration and International Relations from Hebrew University and an MA in International Management from the European University. Working in the banking field, primarily in the micro-finance sector, for over twenty years in more than 10 countries has not diminished his desire to engage with the world. In addition to being an experienced banking consultant he is constantly trying to master the languages and the martial arts of the countries where he works.
(LinkedIn: IlanWolkov Serbia)

Sanja Hajdin, Program Manager
Sanja has a degree in multi-media arts from the Hamburg Institute of Visual Arts. In addition to having numerous independent exhibitions she also organized many international shows in galleries and event spaces around the world. Following a long career in the arts she turned her organizational and creative skills to the world of business. In addition to owning and running her own business she has vast experience running other people's companies. In addition to her great desire and need to ensure that order reigns in her heart she is a full-fledged pacifist.

Aleksandra Popovic, Finance, Admin
Aleks was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. She has a BA from the University of Belgrade and is working on a masters. When she is not running after the accountant and tracking down client files she is an avid dog lover, takes care of all stray dogs.

Rachel Chanin, Sales Manager for Africa Region
Rachel is from Philadelphia, PA and holds a BA from Columbia University in Urban Planning. Because of very bad map skills she gave up planning to work in the non-profit sector. Working with a variety or organizations and foundations she has vast experience in helping organizations grow to meet the needs’ of their beneficiaries. When she is not writing proposals you can find her in the kitchen trying out new cake recipes.

Anita Milosevic, Sales Manager