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Financial Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

Whether your MFB wants to start implementing loans to a new target group (e.g. school loans, small businesses, etc.) or you want to expand the services you offer (e.g. branch expansion, upgrading banking licenses, etc.) you need to know what the obstacles are and how to plan strategically for these expansions. Working in over 10 countries with over 50 different financial institutions NDF consultants know what to expect and they can guide your MFI through the process and ensure that you avoid those obstacles.

Management Consultancy

NDF professionals have been working in the microfinance sector for 20 years. They know what makes a strong and effective MFB. Through cooperation with NDF your company can grow and expand while avoiding the problems that so many other banks have encountered. NDF’s trainers and consultants can train your staff and management in best practices and help you customize your management structure to meet your current and future needs. A good bank require a strong and professional management and NDF can make sure that yours is up to that challenge.

Agency Banking Services

NDF has experience building these services from the ground up. Dealing with various regulatory and market criteria can be overwhelming. NDF has the know-how to build out these services and guide MFI’s through this often complex process.